A MAN who barricaded himself in his house and had to be talked out by negotiators asked a sheriff to send him to jail.

Ricky Sheridan shouted abuse at his ex partner before fleeing to his Larkhall home where police caught up with him.

He refused to come out, telling officers to "f*** off", before skilled negotiators were called to the scene.

Depute fiscal Danielle McGuinness told Glasgow Sheriff Court of the events on January 29, 2020.

Around 7.30pm the 26-year-old showed up to a property where his ex-partner was with a four-year-old child.

He demanded entry, shouting, swearing and banging on the door but his ex did not engage.

The court heard he shouted: "Open the f****** door" and continued kicking and banging.

He then made threats to harm himself if the woman did not allow him access so she called police.

On hearing the police arriving, Sheridan shouted: "You phoned the f****** polis" and made off.

At 7.50pm police attended at a property on West Clyde Street in an attempt to trace Sheridan.

A male was heard shouting: "F*** off, you're not getting in."

Police officers said they wished to speak to the accused.

He then shouted: "I'm Ricky f****** Sheridan, you can speak to me through the door."

The reasons for attending were explained and police were again told to "f*** off".

Sheridan, who was with two other men, added: "It's my f****** house, I know the law, I'm on the phone to my lawyer the now.

Negotiators worked with all three to bring them out voluntarily.

The accused was taken to Wishaw General Hospital for checks and then cautioned and charged and made no reply.

Sheridan's defence brief said: "When these events were committed he was on Valium and he has limited recollection of the incidents.

"He does have a record and has been in jail before.

"He doesn't feel that he could comply with a community order."

Sheriff Valerie Mays sentenced Sheridan to 100 days in prison.