A DANGEROUS driver crashed into a parked car before slamming into traffic lights while driving on a burst tyre.

Glasgow Sheriff Court was told how a witness heard scraping and dragging sounds coming from Kerrycroy Avenue in Toryglen.

Around 4.10pm on October 15, 2020, Brian Weir was seen driving erratically and failing to check for traffic on the junction.

Depute fiscal Danielle McGuinness said: "The witness observed the front near side tyre had blown and was being driven on the rim, which was causing the dragging noises.

"The vehicle lost control on the corner and crashed into a parked Mercedes causing a large dent.

"The driver failed to stop."

The 36-year-old carried on driving, despite the first crash, and the vehicle was heard a short time later on King's Park Avenue making more scraping sounds.

Ms McGuinness added: "A vehicle had collided with traffic lights.

"Weir was found in the driver seat, arrested and put in the back of a police car.

"He said to police: 'C****' and 'Black police b*******, I'm going to murder you and your family and I'm going to stab you.'"

Weird was taken to Motherwell police office.

Weir's defence brief said: "This is a serious matter and he accepts that.

"He clearly would benefit from a structured sentence.

"He struggles with addictions."

Sheriff Valerie Mays said: "He seems a very personable individual when sensible and sober.

"There is no doubt these are serious matters.

"You were lucky you didn't injure another person or yourself.

"Imagine a child had been there."

Weir was placed on a community payback order with supervision by social work to last for 18 months.

He was given a total of a 120 days on a tag, keeping him at home from 7.30pm to 7am.

The sheriff also disqualified Weird from driving for 83 weeks.