A CARE worker grabbed an elderly resident by the throat and told him to "get to f**k" at an East End home. 

Robert Simpson also caused his victim to fall over and called him a "disgusting wee man" during a foul mouthed rant. 

The brute lost control when working at Arcadia Gardens, in Bridgeton, and tried to justify his actions by blaming the resident's behaviour. 

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Now, Simpson has been banned from working in the care sector following a ruling by a watchdog. 

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) found he had repeatedly changed his position on whether he denied the allegations or not, which dated back to 2018. 

A ruling from the body read: "Your behaviour demonstrates a violent loss of self-control towards a vulnerable service user who was reported to have been in an increasing state of agitation and distress over the course of the day and potentially weeks prior to the incident.

"Your position as to whether you accept the allegations has changed on a number of occasions.

"You have shown no insight, regret or remorse. You instead appear to try and justify your behaviour by saying you were reacting to the service user’s aggressive behaviour.

"Despite having been employed with the service for a number of years, you appear to have a lack of understanding as to the needs and behaviours of the service user that you were caring for. This is concerning." 

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Simpson has now been struck off the register, with the ruling coming into effect on Sunday. He accepted the panel's decision. 

The SSSC added: "The deliberate violent behaviour constitutes an abuse of trust placed in you by the service user, their family, your employer and the general public."

A spokesman for HC-One, which operates the home, said: "The health, safety, and wellbeing of everyone living in our homes are our highest priorities, and we will always act to protect them. 

“This individual’s behaviour goes against everything we stand for as an organisation. When the incident was first reported to us in 2018, we took immediate action to suspend the individual, investigate, and then terminate their employment.  

“This historic case is in no way represents the care provided at the home today, or the kindness and compassion of our team. The home remains committed to ensuring all colleagues uphold the high standards of care that Residents expect and deserve.

"We have a zero-tolerance approach to unacceptable behaviour and will always take swift and comprehensive action against any individual that breaches the trust placed in them.”