TIMES Talent hopefuls of all ages are entering our new competition which could see one lucky act walking away with £1000.

Four - year - old twins Aaron and Warren Magee are among the contest’s youngest entrants.

Proud Dad, William Magee, submitted their entry after the boys developed a love of performing aged just two.

The twins’ love of singing has kept them occupied during lockdown.

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While Warren takes more to do with dancing, Aaron does more of the singing. William said: “That’s all he wants to do all the time - just sing.”

“They love singing. I do a bit of singing every now and again myself and they just keep copying me.”

“The two of them love it. They’ll sit and watch music videos and they’ll do the dance moves and all that.”

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William submitted the video to our competition after comments from family and friends who couldn’t believe how well they could sing, despite their young age. He added: “The two of them just love singing and that’s it. They’re not into football or anything like that at all which is quite unusual because their Dad wants them to be into football.”

“It melts me. Aaron has his own iPad and he records himself sometimes.”

William admitted to being a secret Westlife fan which he has passed down to his sons. He added: “They’re into Westlife because that’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Because I’ve sang a lot of songs like that, they know mostly every song. They know them by name and everything.”

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If you think you have what it takes to be crowned the winner of Times Talent, sponsored by food delivery company, Foodhub, you can fill in this form before Thursday April 8.