GLASGOW Conservatives are urging the SNP administration come up with an action plan within the next three months that will clean up the city’s streets.

Describing Glasgow as a “warzone” councillor Kyle Thornton, who is actively campaigning to stop littering and fly tipping across Glasgow, will present his motion at Thursday’s full council meeting.

Mr Thornton believes that the three weekly green bin collection rates will only make the situation worse and that action must be taken to prevent this.

Glasgow Times:

In his motions he says: “This council notes and affirms its strong concerns at the cleansing, roads and street scene crisis that Glasgow is currently experiencing and believes that urgent action must be taken to clean up our city.

“We commend and applaud the hard work of council staff over the pandemic and note reports that trade union representatives of our cleansing workforce have labelled

Glasgow’s streets as a “warzone” - filled with litter and rats.

“Council notes that the claims of staff that they are unable to cope with the masses of litter being dumped across our city’s streets came only months after it was revealed that Glasgow has the fourth highest population of rats in the United Kingdom.”

Mr Thornton has said that the recent changes to cleansing, including charging for bulk uplifts and the three-weekly bin collection will only make the present situation worse and that urgent action must be taken to tackle the present state of Glasgow’s streets.

He is demanding a report be presented to councillors within three months with a clear plan on how to clean up Glasgow’s streets and maintain them.