UK retail giant Marks and Spencer has customers drooling over their new Easter-inspired product.

The staple British band shared a warning with customers this week ahead of Easter weekend.

M&S updated customers on stock ahead of the weekend of festivities, saying that they have sold out of Easter eggs.

A statement on the website reads: "Due to high demand we have sold out of most of our Easter eggs online."

Despite the bad news, stores across the UK will remain open ahead of the weekend of festivities to help keep shoppers stocked up on sweet treats this Easter.  

Not least their new chocolate treats, Fried Egg Whips.

M&S Fried Egg Whips, much like the popular Walnut Whip are chocolate shells filled with marshmallow and a layer of gooey caramel.

The new product was shared on Facebook page NewFoodsUK, who said “the caramel in this is so good”.

The whips have proven popular with shoppers on social media with people tagging their friends to let them know about the chocolate treat ahead of Easter.

“Oh my God,” wrote one social user, “these are sooo good,” another said.

One social media wrote: “I’d take these over a Walnut Whip any day.”

“NEED NEED NEED,” said on excited social media user in the comments.

Another joked: “Too many goodies this time of year!”

Marks and Spencer food stores have remained open throughout the pandemic as an essential retailer under Covid rules.