Stiliyan Petrov has warned the next Celtic manager he will have to hit the ground running because there won't be any time to rebuild.

The former Hoops midfielder knows better than anyone how little time there is to get used to playing or working at the club and he believes whomever replaces Neil Lennon will have to have success right away.

Petrov, 41, pointed to the demanding supporters and insisted they won't wait too long if things don't start well for the next boss. Speaking on the Huddle Podcast he said: "I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think you can be a Celtic manager and say this is a rebuilding project. There’s no such thing.

“I came from a foreign country and I had to learn very quickly and understand the DNA of the club, the demands of the fans.

“When you are the manager, you don’t have time to do that, especially in today’s football industry. You don’t have time to rebuild.

“If you manage a club like Celtic, you have to win. You have to win as much as you can. If you don’t, you’ll lose your job. This is a job where people have to go in expecting to win. It’s not a rebuilding process. There’s no rebuilding time.

“That’s unfortunately the reality but you have to face it.”